• About Witte Architecture

Witte Architecture is a young, progressive, and dynamic architectural design firm established in 1997. We are committed to providing excellent design and the highest quality architectural services. We specialize in commercial, food, entertainment, and residential design with a focus on meeting client needs, providing functional structures that are also attractive.

We believe in Architecture not only as space but as art and an extension of our client. We strive to take this philosophy to the highest level and are committed to providing the best architectural and construction services possible. This means we provide plans and follow through to realize finished projects which reflect the needs and desires of those who will be using the facilities. This includes planning for flexibility, future needs, and careful cost controls to make sure that each new structure provides the most value for our client.

Second, we are committed to making the design process a team effort and a very exciting, creative activity for all of the participants.

Finally, we are committed to providing designs that meet the highest technical requirements for construction. We pride ourselves in providing complete, thorough and detailed plans which can be followed easily and will result in buildings that are meant to endure the test of time.